Access to the Tendacayou Spa

The Spa is a wellbeing and relaxation center set in the heart of 2,500 m² of tropical gardens.
Enjoy the river pool and waterfall, the infinity pool and underwater jets, Jacuzzi, zen garden and meditation area, hammam, outdoor massage rooms including 2 double cabins, a reading and relaxation lounge and a sun terrace with breathtaking views of Grande Anse.
The Spa is reserved for those aged 16 and over and advance booking is required.

The Spa is open every day from 10am to 12pm and from 2pm to 7pm
If you’re staying with us:
Open access (10am-12pm/3pm-6pm) is available to all guests staying in 4- or 5-fish accommodation.
Guests staying in our other properties are entitled to 1 hour of spa access (between 10am and 12pm).
Spa access is through the garden and hotel reception area

Visitors Rates

Price per person

Spa access* 1 hour 25 €
Spa access* 2 hours 35 €
Afternoon Spa access 4 hours 55 €

Restaurant Guests Rates

Price per person

Spa access* 1 hour 20 €
Spa access* 2 hours 30 €
Afternoon Spa access 4 hours 50 €

Lodge Guests Rates

Price per person

Spa access* 1 hour 15 €
Spa access* 2 hours 25 €
Afternoon Spa access 4 hours 45 €

Spa access includes access to the gardens, pools and hammam, not including massage or other treatments.
1-hour spa access is reserved for guests who have booked a treatment
(massage or beauty treatment)

Japanese baths & hammam in Tendacayou

Heat and water that heal…

Japanese baths

Price per person

Japanese bath for 1 person 30 minutes 45 €
Japanese bath for 2 persons 30 minutes 80 €

Choose from: Relaxing, Draining, Remineralizing…
Precious Milk / Lagoon / Coconut Milk / Rose


Hammam (without Spa access)

Price per person

hammam 30 minutes 15 €
Hammam kit (black soap, gant kessa) 12 €