Le Poisson Rouge – Restaurant in Deshaies Guadeloupe

Le Poisson Rouge – the goldfish – is our emblem at Tendacayou. It’s also the name of the Tendacayou restaurant, founded 19 years ago by Sylvie, the lady of the house. Her cuisine offers a subtle blend of flavors, simplicity, creativity and freshness.
Sylvie is gradually handing over the reins to the next generation, but the spirit of the Poisson Rouge lives on in the hands of Estelle, our new head chef.
Estelle infuses passion and devotion into each of the delicious dishes on our restaurant menu.
The menu is updated daily to make the most of arrivals and of the freshest seasonal produce.

Give in to temptation and join us to discover the tastes of Tendacayou!
Open from Wednesday to Sunday for dinner, Saturday and Sunday for lunch.

Booking in advance is recommended. Tel: 05 90 28 42 72