Doudou An Mwen

Tree House rental, Deshaies Guadeloupe

Live perched up in a tree!
If that sounds like a dream, then Doudou An Mwen is the childhood tree house you longed for, a fairy tale built just for you!

From walkways to galleries, your cabin spreads through the branches of a courbaril tree.
The rooms are scattered here and there. One bedroom looks out over Grande Anse.
There is a reading room refreshingly perched in the leafy shade! Down below is a kitchenette.

In an open-air shower that is visited by humming birds, water appears to descend gently like rain from the sky. Immerse yourself in the private spa at a crossing in the woods.

This is not a dream, this is real so just imagine yourself already there!

Full-time access to the Spa area
Room capacity: 2 persons
2 bedrooms (One at ground level – 160 cm bed, the other in a mango tree – 140 cm bed), mosquito nets & ceiling fans
1 bathroom
1 kitchenette, fully equipped
1 gallery with sea view
1 interior lounge
1 shower in a tree
1 Jacuzzi in a tree
1 garden with japanese bath and hammock