Yes Papa

Creole hut rental, Deshaies, Guadeloupe

Just for a while become a Rasta man during your stay here, as Yes Papa greets you with open arms.
The swing bed is set up, the hammock is suspended under a canopy of leaves and armchairs are piled high with cushions…

Time seems to stand still while in the distance the sea appears as a vast turquoise lake that makes the sky almost seem pale in comparison.
This Creole cabin is painted in such dense and vibrant colours using the whole spectrum of the palette: yellows, greens, reds, oranges all live in such harmony that you almost want take up water colours and paint.

In Guadeloupe they say a “Ti’ punch” gives you inspiration.
Indeed, how magical it feels in this wonderland to sit, enjoy and do nothing. Yes Mama!

Room capacity: 4 to 5 persons

2 bedrooms (1 with a 160 cm bed – 1 with two 90 cm beds and a mezzanine)
1 bathroom
1 kitchenette, fully equipped
1 gallery lounge + hammock
1 outdoor barbecue
1 outdoor bathroom with shower and japanese bath