« Red Fish » Spirit – Restaurant in Deshaies

Restaurant – Deshaies, Guadeloupe

The red fish is the symbol of this home and  the name of the gastronomic restaurant of Tendacayou but also of Guadeloupe.

Sylvie, mistress of the house as well as being a cordon-bleu, created 13 years ago this restaurant who has become along the years THE reference in  gastromic cooking.

Her credo : simplicity, numerous flavours, freshness

Her success : Knowledge and creativity

Her tools : Combining fresh, local,seasonal and very often biological products to her large range of revisited classic cooking.

Handing over, little by little her kitchen to young talents she has now given the lead to the new chef !

For booking : 0590.28.42.72 or resa@tendacayou.com

Gastronomic menus for special events (Christmas, Easter,Mother’s day,Wedding…. )